How easily fantasy consumes bleeding colour from life reality pales as the imagined crescendos magnetically engaging emptying the soul yet without the imagined how colourless life is Photograph ‘Flight of Fantasy’ by Ravshaniya Azulye Advertisements

Best fit

I guess loneliness gets us all on occasion. Sometimes it feels as if no one really understands (or even listens) and nothing you can say or share with them can change that. It’s not like people are a custom glass slipper made by a fairy godmother who has watched you your whole life, ensuring a … More Best fit

Accidental conversations…

You know, the kind of conversation you just stumble into and wonder ‘how the hell did we end up here???’ This mornings: from new baby to parenting styles to the positive, sensible and beneficial nature of polygamy??? Extricated myself from that hornets’ nest lightening quick.