The secret self, the self that stirs hungry…


It is easy to be enthralled by the intimacy of strangers. The incognito of cyberspace allows us to be known but not known, to avoid the fears we feel. The secret self remains secret while we are enabled and able to feel a profound sense of connection. Is it false? Or is cyberspace a new ethereal spirituality? Where our souls mingle with others of similar ilk and we feel contentment, we feel special, we don’t feel quite so alone… we feel confident to surrender to the desires that frighten us in our day to day life because they seem so separate to our general countenance… the hunger stirs… But for what reason? To bond, connect with others? To express myself even though I feel fear? Share my ideas even though my thoughts are in a process and not yet clearly formed. Sending missives into cyberspace knowing they are not likely to be heard seems a strange thing to long for, to want to do. Yet I do, so I do.

Words by KP

image courtesy of forrest-walker on deviantart


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