Shopping lists for the soul



Creativity, for me, is a bit like the moon; sometimes waning, sometimes waxing, sometimes dark, sometimes full and brilliant. Yet unlike the moon, my creativity is unpredictable. I enjoy how a thought or poem will emerge from a prompt in my surroundings or experiences in life and bloom into something meaningful for me. My smart phone ‘notes’ contain an equal measure of inane shopping lists, fragments of poems, images of thought and need-to-remember-items. It’s not always the quiet calm mind that nurtures glimmers of creativity, sometimes the bustle of life and people sets my soul to express itself.

Yesterday I was a collector of smiles. In a world of social media and pocket super computers I walked unplugged through the busy winter lunchtime city streets, feeling alive and full of thought. I smiled at everyone who met my eyes and they all smiled back. They all smiled back. I pocketed their smiles and our shared experience and moved through my day enlivened and joyous.

Words KP

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