So little time…

The absurdity of contemporary life, particularly the employment side, threatens to overwhelm me. But luckily I have a safe haven, a park filled with nature that, although shared with many other people, provides solitude where the birdsong, flora, fauna and the reflection of sunlight on water can restore a sense of calm, of tranquility which … More So little time…


Sensuous spring day Sunlight caresses my skin Amorousness in the air Words by KP Photo ‘Waiting for Winter’ courtesy of Holunder on deviantART


Today I feel like an old coat. Tired, worn down and shabby at the edges. But dammit, I still love that old coat and I think others do too. Words KP Image ‘Mad World’ by nooriskander on DeviantART Mad World – Gary Jules version

Musings of a Muse

  What woman (or man) does not want their lover’s eyes upon them? (Even if they are shy, secretly they do). To have that lovers eye upon you and have that lover draw, paint, write or photograph you while in that most intimate embrace, the embrace of utter connection, of acceptance, of love, of truth; … More Musings of a Muse