Roused from her woodland daylight dream

She wondered at the waking from incessant sound

It merged with her own beating heart, what could this mean?

Rhythmic beat, entrancing tattoo, she was spellbound


Rising, led by her soul she followed to what, she did not know

Coming to a lake she stared, the source of the sound was a man

Gracefully emerging from the waters, he was simply flow

He moved toward her, naked and sleek, between them eternity’s span


Their heartbeats, felt and heard, in time did their music make

Eyes held, full of knowing and joy; ‘Here you are, my gods you are here!’

Breathless she thought he spirit yet he extended a hand for her to take

He whispered, sweetest words of love and praise, ‘for thou art so fair’


She took his hand, drawn together like wine to glass 

He lay her down on bed of moss with soft caress he opened her heart

Her flower bloomed, moist perfume for his manhood strength to pass

Thus they lay, woven in bliss, now united never wishing to part

Words by KP

This was a personal poetry challenge, I have never written a rhyming poem in my life. It was meant to be three stanzas of ABAB but I have ended up with four… 

Painting ‘The Storm’ (1880) Pierre Auguste Cot (17 February 1837 – 2 August 1883)


2 thoughts on “

  1. This is so romantic and enchanting. It is a pleasure to see you write in structure as I believe discipline in writing is so very important. xo


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