Earth scent fills my nostrils

Forerunner of humus

Beneath my naked feet

Muted, smudged cobalt sky

Heavens roof a comfort

As I softly traverse

Dense and tangled woods

Another scent confuses me

Senses sharpened, alerted

A bouquet of pursuit, sharply pungent

Dusk vision indistinct, I breathe deep

And I cautiously, tentatively steal

Further into the woods

Sensuous musk rises from me

As the thrill of chase enters my soul

‘Find me if you can’ I whisper

To my relentless tracker

In this wild and passionate

Game of hide and seek

Words KP

Photograph ‘Who’s here?’ by SolMay on deviantART


2 thoughts on “Perquisition

  1. Beast says the scent of a woman’s musk is so unmistakable in the forest and such a pleasure to track before the feast. This is a beautiful, yearning write that shows your deep love of passion and nature. xo

    Liked by 1 person

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