Your exquisite soul Reaches through distance and time Trace the shape of me   words KP Image ‘air painter’ by kosmodisk on deviantart   Advertisements


Un-present to present Breeze caresses my being Untangling corrupt thoughts Words KP Image by Nin ruz on Deviantart

In the spirit of pointing out the ‘obvious’

What is left unsaid, is unsaid, and remains unsaid until said. If you feel misunderstood then speak, then listen, then keep speaking and listening until you strike a common language where you can be recognised through the filters of the other and you can see the other’s perspective. Expecting others to know us, to see … More In the spirit of pointing out the ‘obvious’


“Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.” Confucius   Photograph by Rob Dickinson: “Lake Heron, Ashburton Lakes, at sunset. A little known spot bypassed by most tourists, and mostly unheard of by a lot of locals too.” (New Zealand).