The delicate brutality of nature mirrors existence, such darkness and storms from humanities struggles and wars, it is so easy to succumb to obscurity, to diversion, to pretense… Yet we were born to rejoice when the sun comes.

Words by KP (inspired by ‘mishearing’ the below song)

Photograph ‘Out in the sun’ by Raining-Insanity

Citizen Cope ‘Lifeline’ studio recording

Citizen Cope ‘Lifeline’ unplugged

LYRICS to“Lifeline”

When you’re so long gone, you can’t help yourself
When you’re so dead wrong
Let alone no one elseWell the children still dying in the streets
The babies still living with disease
The cops got guns, the poor folks got sons
Who work for Mr. Franklin every weekIf you’ve come looking for hard times
Hard times ain’t hard to find
Cause we’ve been given that lifeline
Only once in a lifetime

Baby we were born
Maybe we were born
To be sure … to endure
When the storm comes

Got them sad eyes
Got them cat eyes
Got your angels tired
From saving your life

So you would be best
To contain yourself
Before you end up killed

His bare feet
Touch her bare feet
The air breaths sweet
At the mountains peak

And I forgot
What the wise man said
About that ancient thread

Baby we were born
Maybe we were born
To be sure … to rejoice
When it succumbs


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