Cresting rogue waves

Bathed in oceans breath


Earths rough contractions

No longer conscious, yet, felt

Have me all at sea


I have not posted in a while and this is the reason why…

There is much I could say on my country’s most recent earthquake… The timing of which meant most were home and many asleep which saved many whose workplaces were found wanting. Location of the epicentre also seems to have meant the death toll was very low but destruction, disruption and isolation affects so very many people.

For me personally, and many others, it is the odd sensation of ongoing vertigo which is most disconcerting. Eight days after the earthquake… for most the vertigo is starting subside as they become gradually accustomed to the thousands of aftershocks (not all felt thank goodness!) that continue to rumble as the continental plates and associated fault lines ‘settle’ into their new positions. For me however, due to existing inner ear damage, my vertigo is far from settled. The power of the Earth’s continued evolution, ever moving and alive, is both shocking and awe inspiring in the truest sense of the word. The power to affect hundreds of people’s equilibrium, both literally and figuratively, is as astounding as the reminder of our youthful country’s geological placement, a stress point between tectonic plates that is never truly still…


Colour woodblock: Kanagawa-oki name ura (1830-1833) by Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) from the Edo period


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