Fairly recently I had a mental health crisis which has set in motion a series of personal revelations. This crisis occurred during a very overdue vacation time. By stopping the busy pace of my life I inadvertently triggered the resurgence of deep trauma. Some years ago I left a long term relationship with a Clinical … More Revelations


Unexpectedly Cresting rogue waves Bathed in oceans breath   Earths rough contractions No longer conscious, yet, felt Have me all at sea   I have not posted in a while and this is the reason why… There is much I could say on my country’s most recent earthquake… The timing of which meant most were … More Quaking

Leonard Cohen; Farewell to the Lord of Erotic Despair

‘You Have The Lovers’ – from ‘The Spice Box’, 1961 You have the lovers, they are nameless, their histories only for each other, and you have the room, the bed, and the windows. Pretend it is a ritual. Unfurl the bed, bury the lovers, blacken the windows, let them live in that house for a … More Leonard Cohen; Farewell to the Lord of Erotic Despair

In the spirit of pointing out the ‘obvious’

What is left unsaid, is unsaid, and remains unsaid until said. If you feel misunderstood then speak, then listen, then keep speaking and listening until you strike a common language where you can be recognised through the filters of the other and you can see the other’s perspective. Expecting others to know us, to see … More In the spirit of pointing out the ‘obvious’