Lest I Forget

Stitch my forgiveness within my skin Take thread from the spool of heaven And write it, right here Upon the curve of my breast Where I am least likely miss it Tender skin, tender salvation Beside my beating heart Eloquent organic rhythm Heavens song enraptured To have regained a modicum Of trust on this road of … More Lest I Forget

Heady Scents

A spring haze of sleepiness overwhelms me as pollen soaked breezes fill me with succulent perfumes. I fall into lucid daydreams magical and lush… Words KP Featured image from here header image from here


This kinesthetic and soulful expression on ‘why trust is worth it’ is just beautiful. I have provided a transcript below for those unable to hear or use sound… Alya and Gael have to trust each other, as acrobats in Cirque du Soleil sometimes they literally put their lives in someone else’s hands. Trust is a … More Trust