Beloved, your adoration is deep nourishment for my soul, your kisses clothe me in the finest robes, your desire ignites the spark of divinity within, ah, to be loved and to love.   Words KP   Photograph ‘lovers’ by laura-makabresku on deviantart     Advertisements


Earth scent fills my nostrils Forerunner of humus Beneath my naked feet Muted, smudged cobalt sky Heavens roof a comfort As I softly traverse Dense and tangled woods Another scent confuses me Senses sharpened, alerted A bouquet of pursuit, sharply pungent Dusk vision indistinct, I breathe deep And I cautiously, tentatively steal Further into the … More Perquisition

Heady Scents

A spring haze of sleepiness overwhelms me as pollen soaked breezes fill me with succulent perfumes. I fall into lucid daydreams magical and lush… Words KP Featured image from here header image from here


As the fear knotting my stomach uncoiled, trapped butterflies migrate to gently beat their wings against my heart, embracing me with spring magnolia scented kisses, the breath I didn’t know I was holding, was finally exhaled. Words KP Images from… Butterflies Magnolia

Hollow Desire

Aching, a worn descriptor to represent the visceral, soul felt agony of unrequited desire. Oh, yet how I ache. Intangible, yet demanding desire, a wisp, a vagrant sensation, physically coiling within and without. Voracious yet indescribable wanting. Longing, another worn descriptor to express the depth of yearning, for surrender, to be taken by the complementary … More Hollow Desire